Out of body experiences


Out of body experiences

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Of all the weird things presented in Psionics, I believe Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) are by far the weirdest. You perceive your conscious mind leaving your physical body, and floating around outside of it. To give you an idea of how real it feels, I have “fallen” out of body while in bed, and thought that I physically fell out of my bed. Only until after I woke up, back in my physical body in bed, did I realize I had left my body. How strange is that?

Could it be a hallucination? Sure, I’m open to the suggestion. But the fact still remains: it is ignored by modern science. It is absolutely phenomenal, but completely ignored. Perhaps the most amazing attribute is that anyone can learn to do it, without drugs or other substances that produce hallucinations. (I would obviously recommend to never use drugs – if not for health reasons, at the very least for producing a false reality, i.e., delusional).

Could it be a dream? Not in the normal sense of the word, at least. The best evidence that I personally have experienced, that I can provide, is that when I leave my body, I have always 100% of the time been in the same environment as my body. I have had dreams where I dream of waking up, but I’ll “wake up” in my old bed in my old home. I have never had an OBE where I leave and find myself in a foreign location.

In fact, I have a tendency to have OBEs while visiting friends or relatives. I remember having OBEs in eight different locations. A few of them I was only physically visiting for one or two days (one of them being a hotel I was staying at for one night). This is obviously not the case with dreams – I constantly dream of being in different locations than my physical body. At the time of writing this, I’ve had around 60 OBEs, and none of them were in a different location than my physical body.

To me, that suggests that they are something more than dreams. Add on top of that: they don’t feel like dreams. It’s hard for me to convey that without you experiencing it.

OBEs blow my mind. They really do. It took me six months of training every night before I had my first OBE. And my first OBE was on the first night I took a break from training. Looking back, I have no idea how I had such determination. I can remember sitting around during the day, actually waiting for it to be night, so I could try again.

They do take training. But hopefully with a little guidance, you can achieve one in less than six months.

The goal is to hover right on the awake/asleep border. You want to be at the point where if you relax one ounce more, you’ll fall asleep. It’s a very difficult state to reach and hold. The main problem is that you’ll relax too much, and fall asleep. Then you’ll wake up eight hours later, and kick yourself.

For this reason, I find it’s easier to practice in the morning. Feel free to practice at night, but if you practice in the morning then you can fall asleep without too much down time. Instead of eight hours, you’ll likely sleep 10-30 minutes. Then you can try again.

Set your alarm clock for two to three hours less sleep than you normally get. Wake up, go to the bathroom, think about how much you want to have an OBE (perhaps read some OBE stories), then go back to bed and try it out.

Exercise 9: The first step is to get comfortable. Get in a nice comfortable position. I have OBEd in all different positions, so there doesn’t seem to be a required position.

Now that you’re comfortable, don’t move your physical body for at least 10 minutes. At this point, I like to think about my day, what I plan on doing, how I want to deal with conflicts, etc. I get all that junk out of the way.

After your body has basically been bored into sleep, you’ll want to start Progressive Relaxation. This means you go body part by body part, and relax it. Start at your feet, and think to your feet “It’s time to relax, it’s time to fall asleep, thanks for all your hard work today, but now it’s time to just relax and fall asleep.” Move up your legs, calves, knees, thighs, hips, genitals, abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, neck, and face. I personally have a little more trouble with my knees, back, and face, so I spend some extra time in those areas. I tend to tense my face up without realizing it, so I pay special attention to make sure I relax all my facial muscles. This process takes a while, perhaps 20 minutes. Do not rush it – it’s not a race. Do it correctly. It takes however long it takes.

Now, if you thought that was hard, this part is going to be brutal. The next step is to get in that borderline state of awake/asleep. I accomplish this by thinking of nothing as long as I can. Any time a thought enters my mind, I set it aside and say “I’ll think about that later.” And I just remain in a state of not-thinking until something happens.

Nine times out of ten, that “something” is fall asleep. Oh well. But if you can hit it just right, and hold it there for just the right amount of time, you’ll have an OBE.

The key word for the entire process is: passive. You want to be passive. Passive means you don’t react to anything, you just accept it for what it is, and continue doing what you were doing (i.e., progressive relaxation, or thinking of nothing). You are going to experience some weird things – strange sounds, strange feelings, strange imagery – you have to remain passive. Do you hear someone calling your name, and feel poking in your stomach? “Oh, that’s nice, back to thinking of nothing.”

If you can pull it off, then good job.

Another way to have an OBE is through lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming while still inside the dream. I personally have never done it this way, but it’s a popular method.

The method I currently use is very similar to the exercise I presented. Instead of trying to hit the OBE state from going from Awake to Asleep, I program my subconscious to alert me when I’m in the right state, when moving from Asleep to Awake. That way, I wake up in the correct state of mind. I do this by doing the previous exercise, but then adding an affirmation to help program my subconscious.

An affirmation is just something you tell yourself while in a trance. Your conscious and subconscious mind are very close while in a trance, so it’s good to take advantage of it. My personal affirmation is fairly simple: “I will wake up when I’m in the correct state of mind to have an out of body experience.”

Keep practicing, and keep trying. You will get it eventually; it just takes some time. After you have your first OBE, it will be worth it. Trust me.

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