Moving objects with telekinesis


Moving objects with telekinesis

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Having successfully influenced a compass needle, Psi Wheel, crossed matchsticks etc., to the extent they will move at your will, beyond any doubt whatsoever, you can now progress to influencing much larger objects.

The next objects to move onto can be anything that you know, beyond any doubt you can easily move, just as you did for your initial Psi Wheel.

Also, these objects should not require any special preparation as with the Psi Wheel for example, but should rather be an every day object that can be simply placed upon you table and moved at will.

A good choice for most people is a common object such as a pen, pencil or similar object. Again though; it is most important that whatever object you choose you absolutely must know, beyond any doubt whatsoever that you will move it using the power of your Mind alone.

An elongated object such as pencil also has the benefit of having two distinct ends a few inches apart which can help in the actual Telekinesis process at this stage due to being able to exert opposite “thought force” on each end.

See How to Practice Telekinesis with a simple device.

Keep in Mind that this object is simply an “stepping stone” to even larger objects, so do not choose an object that is beyond your current “belief zone”.

Having chosen your object, place it on your table before you in your private space. We will proceed on the basis your chosen object is a pencil.

You can now proceed as before.

Sit on your chair in your usual position, spine straight and not leaning against any backrest, close your eyes and go through your now familiar relaxation and meditation exercises.

During your meditation, focus upon your chosen object; i.e. pencil in this case, knowing, beyond all doubt that you and your object are one and that there is no separation whatsoever. Continue your meditation until you are absolutely certain, beyond all doubt that this is so.

Now, as before, slowly open your eyes and focus on the object you are going to move; i.e. your pencil in this case, knowing, beyond all doubt that the object is part of you and will respond to your will. There should not be the slightest doubt in your Mind about this. Continue to meditate on this reality until there is no doubt whatsoever in your Mind.

Next place your open hands, palms facing inwards, either end of the pencil as it lies on your table, but a short distance from it as you did before with needle of the Psi Wheel. The palm of your right hand should be facing one end of the pencil and the palm of your left hand facing the other end.

Now take a few minutes to relax, your hands still open and straight, either side of the object, palms flat and facing the pencil.

Now, as before, take a few moments to relax as deeply as possible, the deeper the better, while contemplating the fact that you and the object are one, knowing this beyond any doubt, and knowing that the object is therefore an extension of yourself, and as such will respond to your will. It is extremely important to take as much time as you require in order to achieve this state.

Once you have achieved this it is time to move the object. Using your powers of imagination, visualize rays of bright, white radiant light emitting from your hands. These rays are an extension of you just as much as your fingers, and will respond just as readily. Visualize the rays of one hand pushing one end of the pencil around while the rays of the other hand pull the other end of the pencil around in the opposite direction so the pencil is spinning around.

It is extremely important to know, beyond any doubt that this is already happening and therefore that the pencil is already moving in accordance with your will; a fact that you should know beyond any doubt in your Mind.

Now focus, with all your concentration on the spinning object. You can move your hands to “push” and “pull” the rays of light and therefore the object providing the palms of your hands remain at a distance, again, always keeping in Mind that both the rays of light and the object are one, and that in using these hand actions everything is acting as a fully integral unit, again, a fact of which there should be absolutely no doubt in your Mind whatsoever.

As with the Psi Wheel, you can also increase the power by shouting the command, either aloud or in your Mind “move, move, move!”

After your previous successes with the Psi Wheel, you will find this to be a simple task and the pencil will start to move effortlessly with your will. You can push the pencil with your Mind so it moves one way, or pull it so it moves the other way.

You might find that it makes all sorts of different, sometimes unpredictable movements in accordance with your will but that is fine. Practice gaining more and more control over your pencil until you can control it totally at will.

Once you have total control over the pencil or other object you chose for this stage you can move on to progressively larger objects such as a cup or glass tumbler, a book, a kitchen utensil, in fact anything at all you know you can influence at will. It does not have to be long like a pencil and you do not need to mentally push the ends of the object at this stage. Simply push it in any direction you wish with your Mind.

Once you can accomplish this with ease you can progress to opening and closing doors, levitating objects and even making them fly across the room, first making sure that no one is in the way or likely to be by a flying object!

It is interesting to note that so called “poltergeist” activity is usually this same phenomena, but happening while the person causing it to happen is in a certain altered state, and is influencing objects, causing them to move or even fly across the room without knowing it.

Finally, and most importantly; give most sincere thanks to the Universe for the powers to do what you have just accomplished, for the assistance received, and above all in appreciation for being a part of All that Is.

Before long this will become a completely effortless and natural ability, to such an extent that you know, beyond any doubt you can easily and at will influence and move absolutely anything using the power of your Mind alone.

By this stage you can move on to moving very heavy objects of all types, levitating large objects such as a table, causing objects to move across the room; in fact anything. You now know you have unlimited potential.

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