Mind Energy

The two hemispheres of the brain and the sparkling energy within them

Mind Energy

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Mind energy, as the name implies, is energy that is created by the power of our thoughts. Others view mind energy as not a separate entity, but just the way our consciousness influences existing energies. Many of these views on mind energy are based upon a particular interpretation of quantum physics.

The idea is that there are infinite worlds and, by observing it we solidify what is real. Therefore our thoughts have the power to control the world. Most scientists seem to think that mind energy is a wild pseudoscientific interpretation of quantum theory, but it remains a fascinating area of further exploration.

There is a growing community of people who believe that using mind energy, humans will be able to alter the physical world around them. One of the most common applications of this is telekinesis, in addition to other related “super powers” such as pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, hydrokinesis, and more.

The idea is that with enough concentration and focus, usually through some sort of meditation practice, one can gain control of the physical universe. If vital energies exist and everything is connected, then we could theoretically move objects when the brain is tapped into the right vibrations.

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There have been numerous people claiming to have such mind energy powers, most notably Uri Geller, but despite his and other’s claims, there has been little proof of these powers in any replicable, controlled environment. Some parapsychologists have shifted their studies from macro-telekinesis, like that of spoon benders like Geller, to micro-telekinesis.

Uri Geller the spoon bender
Uri Geller claimed to have strong mind energy powers.

The idea behind this is that our mind energy can possibly influence the results of random number generators or dice rolls, not necessarily per instance, but as a general, statistically significant effect over many tries. Scientists have found small, but significant evidence that intention can influence the outcome of random number generators, but these effects may have other explanations and are not particularly useful, except to suggest that such a thing may be possible.

Mind energy is the general power beneath mental healing. The idea is that our negative thoughts are the root of many of people’s ailments, not just mental, but physical. This form of healing is conducted through two main methods: affirmations and visualizations. The former is the repetition of positive thoughts and ideas with the goal of creating positive mind energy.

Visualization is a similar idea, but instead of a thought or phrase, it’s an image one fixates on. In one example, a person with cancer could imagine that their cells are healthy in an effort to reduce pain. The idea that these exercises may have positive effects on the body is not too outlandish. One doctor used visualization and affirmations to help as a complementary treatment for cancer and saw that his patients tended to survive longer. Studies have shown that one can reduce the sensation of pain through meditation, showing that our thoughts can at least have an effect on how we feel things. This is not in itself proof of any “mind energy” per se, but it does show that our brains can influence our physiology.

People can slow down their heart rates and lower their body temperature as well, which implies our brain doesn’t only control how we perceive physiological processes. Placebo effects are another way in which our beliefs and thinking have a direct effect on something physical within our bodies.

Negative thinking can have a negative effect on our health and our lives. In many ways, modern psychotherapy treats mental disorders using this very idea. A therapist will get their patients to process their harmful thought patterns and replace them with healthier ones. Even though mental disorders are the results of the body’s chemistry, our mood and thinking does have something to say in our mental health. If it didn’t, psychotherapy would not work.

Again, these cannot be interpreted as proof of our thoughts creating a form of mind energy that heals or harms our bodies, but it may be another way to model these effects.

Uses of Mind Energy

One of the more popular uses of mind energy is in the “law of attraction. The general idea is that positive thoughts will attract positive energy. It was one of the main principles underneath the runaway bestseller Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Despite its popularity as an idea, there seems to be little by the way of science to suggest that it’s actually real. It’s the type of thing that is attractive to believe, but is also prone to confirmation bias. Most likely, the law of attraction is pseudoscience.

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This is not to say that positive thinking can’t have a positive effect on one’s life, and it’s not outlandish to assume that the psychological effects of both Self-fulfilling Prophesy — that our perception of the world changes how we interact with it, so thus, our interpretations “create” reality — and Cognitive dissonance — that the brain changes its perception of the world to help deal with incongruities — may be interpreted as proof of the law of attraction. These ideas have been used for some health benefits and can strengthen placebo effects.

Rhonda Byrne is the author of The Secret bestseller
Rhonda Byrne wrote 'The Secret' in 2006, including the idea that positive thoughts will attract positive energy.

Mind Energy and our Body’s Energy System

There has been some exciting research that suggests the body may have an energy system, but most conclude that it has its center at the heart, not the brain. Also, our emotions may have some influence on this.

Still, given the role of cognition in our emotions, this could be interpreted as there is a unified energy that encompasses the concepts that some describe as mind energy.

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