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Merkabah, or merkaba refers to a couple of things. Most famously, it refers to the chariot upon which God rode in a vision by the prophet Ezekiel from the Old Testament of The Bible. It was widely discussed and interpreted in Jewish literature for hundreds of years.

It can also refer to a star tetrahedron symbol that different new age groups carry as a kind of talisman. It is believed that this symbol is a balance of various energies and has the power to help one reach higher levels of consciousness or protect oneself from negative energies.

Origin of Concept

Merkabah” is a Hebrew word for “chariot”. It has taken on a mystical connotation due to the visions of Ezekiel from chapter one of the book of Ezekiel from the Old Testament. God is seen as riding on a chariot as driven by four creatures.

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It has later been used to refer to a sacred symbol made up of two pyramids. Users of this symbol will often claim that merkabah means “light”, “spirit”, and “body” in Egyptian. Some claim that there is a connection between the traditional biblical idea of the chariot and this symbol, as if the symbol represents some mystical connection of God to the Earth.

Uses of Merkabah

Merkabah Symbols

The merkabah symbol is used as a talisman in some new age circles. It is created by combining two four-pointed pyramids, giving it eight, oppositely positioned points to represent various dualities. For example, it can be thought to point upward to harness heavenly energy, while at the same time point downward to ground one to the earth.

It is thought to have positive and negative energy, male and female, yin and yang. It encourages harmony of many opposing energies. This talisman is often made of carved crystal and can be purchased online.

Merkabah symbol used as a talisman
Merkabah symbol is a combination of two four pointed pyramids with eight, oppositely positioned points to represent various dualities.

Charging of Merkabah for Healing and Protection

The emblem often needs to be activated and charged with energy. It is the user that determines how it is to be used. Some argue that a properly charged merkabah has the power to help your body heal itself using vital energies. It can be programmed to ward off negative energies or bring good luck to the wearer. This can be done through meditation and focus.

One must visualize the two tetrahedrons of the talisman spinning, then the energy will begin to emanate from the merkabah eventually encompassing the body. A person then needs to give intention to this energy and be appreciative for it. It has also been claimed that the symbol can help one unite the two sides of our brains.

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The symbol can be used as a visual symbol when meditating. By focusing on the directions of how it spins or emanates energy, it is suggested that it can be used to help one achieve their goals.

Brain with a merkabah symbol
Merkabah symbol can help one unite the two sides of our brains.

Some argue that this symbol may be able to help a person ascend to higher planes of consciousness. When the merkabah becomes activated, one could possibly be able to travel to other dimensions.

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