Master Tips For Learning Telekinesis

Illustration of the expected distance between the object and your hand during telekinesis

Master Tips For Learning Telekinesis

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What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using nothing else but the strength of your will, without bodily involvement. One could say that telekinesis, or psychokinesis as it is sometimes called, is the ability to move objects with your mind.

Kinetic energy exists on a spectrum,

as all force does, and so does telekinesis. All movement is subject to first and foremost the power of your will, and its ability to affect the physical plane of existence. Once your will power and your mind are focused, you can affect this process and transcend the body. The idea that you can affect kinetic energy without using your physical body is one that has been around for thousands of years, and many traditions have documented masters of this craft. In this article, we wish to help all those who are interested in this subject matter, and provide you with some tips that we have found useful in our research of the difficult discipline of telekinesis.

Tip1- Open your mind and believe in yourself

The most important thing in any endeavour, be it physical, mental or spiritual, is believing in your success, and keeping a positive mental attitude. If you do not believe that you are capable of doing something, you will not be able to achieve it, no matter how simple or accessible that thing is to you. Quantum physics teaches us that the human mind is an amazing force that has the ability to create its own reality, so what you perceive as possible (or impossible) directly affects how successful you are going to be in it.

Telekinesis is no exception.

The first and most important step towards mental discipline is believing that you are capable of moving objects with your mind, and only then can you actually try and practice it. Without this first and absolutely necessary step, all experiments in telekinesis are doomed to failure. Once you let yourself achieve it though, your chances for success will increase exponentially.The biggest obstacles to learning a new skill are always our own feelings of inadequacy, our own doubts that we project onto the boundless creation that surrounds us and engulfs us all.

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To harness this immense spiritual power, you must let go of doubt, and believe that you can in fact achieve what you wish, in this case, the ability to affect objects in the physical realm without the use of your physical body. Many times these obstacles are placed there by other people, who tell us that something is impossible or unlikely. These limited minds will try and project their world view onto us, and thus limit the scope and capacity of our own spiritual power.

You must not let others dictate what is true for you,

but instead, shape your own reality with the power of your mind. This is what telekinesis is all about, and by practicing it, you will come ever closer to realizing your goals.

Tip 2- patience is key

With all new endeavours, and especially with spiritual undertakings, patience is an absolute must. Give yourself time to fully realize your potential, and do not expect results overnight. The spirit progresses at its own rate, which can seem like an eternity to us, but if you give yourself ample time to achieve what you desire,

you will always find success at the end of your journey.

Movies that deal with the topic of telekinesis often portray it as an innate ability that cannot be controlled, almost like a bodily function. More accurate, but still an oversimplification, they will sometimes show years of training as a fun montage with a catchy pop song under it. In reality, those years are felt, and the progress is not rapid at all. It’s not just the length of a music video, it’s years of day to day training, a spiritual journey that will teach you incredible powers, along with the dark and often difficult knowledge of one’s self. Perseverance is the hallmark of a champion,  and if you take the time to master the powers within yourself, you will be able to achieve great things.

Tip 3- Harness your chi

Bioenergy, astral power, that indescribable lifeforce that separates the living from the deceased. Using this incredible energy to influence the physical world is what telekinesis boils down to. This force has had many names, and has been recognized in nearly all cultures around the world. In India, they referred to it as prana. In ancient China, this force was called chi, and entire disciplines of martial arts, ancient practices that make use of this power were formed, and are still practiced to this day. In order to affect any change at all, one needs to be in touch with one’s own power, one’s own chi, if you will, and has to practice making use of it. Meditation and knowledge of one’s self are absolutely necessary for progress, and with the mastery of this kind of power, anything is possible. After removing all mental roadblocks, and understanding that this is an intense spiritual journey that will form you, the next step is to harness this incredible power, and learn to feel it, and to make use of it. This divine power is what you will use to achieve your goals, and by focusing on the objects you wish to move, and meditating on them and yourself, you will come closer to being able to use your chi alone to move objects. Place the object you wish to move

about 20-30 centimetres from your hand

at first. Concentrate on the space between your palms and the object you wish to move. Try and influence that space, and by concentrating on the object and the space between your hand and the object, try to imagine it shrinking, getting smaller. Try to imagine how the object feels in your hand, and bring the object to you!

Tip 4- The power of sheer will

Willpower has been scientifically proven to be able to affect your health and overall medical condition, the relationship you have with other people, and is the determining factor in whether or not a project or undertaking ends in success. The power of will is able to move mountains, and this power, your will, is an absolute must if you wish to learn to move objects with your mind. An iron will is necessary for any seeker of truth, and indeed anyone who wants to affect real, actual change.

Focus your willpower on the object of your choice,

and will it to do your bidding. Use the sheer force of your will to move the object of your desire. This also ties in with, and is inseparable from our first tip, in believing in yourself and in the ability that you can usethis awesome force to move objects, and to bend them to your will. This power is at your disposal, so make good use of it, and use your boundless willpower to get what you want. When honing your willpower, it is absolutely necessary that you only use it for achieving spiritual needs. Use the same method as described above; place the object 20-30 centimetres from your  hand, and concentrate on that space between your hand and the object itself, willing it to shrink.

Tip 5- The Egely Wheel

The Egely Wheel is a tool that thousands of people have been using since 1994 in order to harness and hone their psychic abilities. It comes in an attractive wooden box, and although no tools are necessary to magnify spiritual energy, it is a useful tool nonetheless on your journey. It can measure your spiritual energy, and with it, you can see when you emanate the most, and when is it best for you to practice your psychic abilities. It is also a great tool for practicing, as this mysterious wheel will turn by applying the power of thought. By using this simple device, you can

hone your spiritual energy, and become better at telekinesis.

This truly incredible wheel has a surface tension of virtually zero, making it the most precise device to register even the slightest bit of movement. This makes it the perfect tool for registering  elekinetic energy. A great way is to take the Egely Wheel, and concentrate on it. Make sure your wheel is in a locked room, with absolutely no air motion whatsoever, about 30-40 centimetres from your palms. Try to imagine the energy radiating from your palms towards the Egely Wheel, influencing it, rotating it. By the power of your will, rotate your wheel in one direction. Using nothing but your will, force the wheel to stop. Now start rotating it in the other direction. Repeat this more and more often, and see the spiritual measurements grow in frequency and power. First use your hand, but without touching the wheel, and later on, try and use only your mind to turn the wheel.

The most important thing to remember is that telekinesis is on a spectrum, and the phenomenon that we call telekinesis is nothing but the manifestation of a being who is at the further end of that spectrum. This spectrum ranges from quite mundane things, like willing yourself out of bed in the morning, which seems easy if you have normal spiritual energy, but ask anyone who has

been sapped of it and is depressed, and they will know that this can indeed be a feat. While the closer end involves using your body to fulfill your will, a higher state of self actualization will not require physical movement of the body. Instead, by honing your innate powers, you will be able to move objects with your mind. We hope these tips have been helpful in providing you with the insight needed to start your journey.

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