Introducing psi


Introducing psi

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One last paragraph before we jump into it. Safety first! Don’t be stupid – if you feel pain, or you feel light headed, then stop what you’re doing. Get a glass of water, eat a little, and perhaps take a nap. This isn’t a race. Take your time and don’t overdo it. It’s better to practice one hour a day for a week, than practice seven hours in one day and kill yourself. This is a physical skill, and when you’re new, your body is not used to it. It takes time to learn things, it takes time to figure it out, and it takes time to get better. You can’t cram it all in at once and expect immediate results; if you do, you could do more harm than good.

Ok, now we’re ready… right after I define one more word: visualize. Some people get caught up on what visualizing is. All you have to do is picture something in your head. For example, if I start to tell you a story, you might visualize the scenes in your head and follow along. It’s very simple, and everyone does it all the time; so don’t try to overcomplicate it. Visualization doesn’t always have to be visual either. To make visualization stronger, use more senses – use sound, touch, smell, and even taste if you can figure out how. Now we can start.

Exercise 1: With your eyes open or closed, visualize a blue blob of electricity forming in your abdomen (right above your belly button). Visualize the blob spinning around, sending off sparks in random directions.

Use the above picture to help with your visualization. Picture the blue blob sparking with excitement, and try to “hear” the sparks. Keep this up for two to five minutes. Don’t be afraid to stop reading and try right now, I can wait.

See How to Practice Telekinesis with a simple device.

While doing this, don’t be too aggressive. Relax, and take it slow. Breathe in and out, put on some mellow music (or turn off all distractions), and calm down.

After doing this a while, you might feel something. If you feel something, then good, chances are you’re getting it to work. I’ve instructed others to do this exercise before, and some of the words they used to describe it are “tingly”, “warmth”, “coldness”, “magnetic”, and “pressure.”

There is no right or wrong answer. As you can see, it’s ok to feel warmth, or it’s ok to feel coldness. This exercise is designed to get you to feel something.

What if you don’t feel anything? Don’t panic. Usually there are a few reasons why someone doesn’t feel anything. The most popular reason people don’t feel anything is because they aren’t looking for the right feeling. I’m not saying you should expect to feel a specific thing, but what can happen is that you feel something, but ignore it because “that’s not it, it’s something else.” You screen your feelings, and you look for the “correct” feeling, while ignoring what you’re actually feeling.

When teaching others, the most common problem is that they do feel something, but they have made the decision that “that wasn’t it.” If you’re not feeling anything, double check and make sure you really aren’t feeling anything. Perhaps you’re just ignoring it.

If you genuinely think you aren’t feeling anything, then that’s ok too. My first suggestion is to try again. If it doesn’t work, take a break, and try again. If after two or three days of practicing you still don’t feel anything, then we need to make some adjustments. Please realize that it can take you a few days to get it. Do not assume that “well, if I did this for three days, I still wouldn’t get it, so I’ll try something new right now and save myself the trouble.” Chances are if you practice, you’ll get it. In the rare instance that you don’t get it, then we can work on tweaking it a little bit. So please: take a few days and see if you feel something.

It is possible that you don’t feel anything in a couple days of practice. This is rare, but it’s not the end of the world. At this point, it means the exercise is not effective for you, and we have to create a specific exercise for your body and mind. Obviously I can only help you in a general level, since I’m not teaching you one on one.

What do you think Psi looks like? Do you think it looks like a blue blob of electricity? Perhaps something else makes more sense to you; maybe a green fog, or blue fire. A lot of people think of water. Whatever you think Psi looks like, try using that as your visualization. Focus your visualization around your abs, but don’t use the blue blob of electricity image. Create your own image of what you think it should look like. Do something that makes sense to you, and try it for a couple of days.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the feeling you get in your abs is Psi. Congratulations! It’s fairly easy, and shouldn’t take long to get it going.

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