How to develop your intention


How to develop your intention

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This is one of the most critical steps in telekinesis.

Your intention becomes the thought in your mind where you see the object as already moved. It’s become your intention to move the object of your choosing.

If you don’t intend to move the object, then nothing will happen. Your focus becomes defocused and you’ll become frustrated.

When you intend something to happen (strongly), it usually occurs.

For example, in the instances where a woman lifts a car to save her child…no one has the capability to explain how this is possible. But guess what her intention was…she already saw the car as lifted. Her intention became so strong to save her child that there was no way it wasn’t going to happen.

Your intention to move the object…seeing it as already done…is extremely important.

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If your mindset is “Well I’d like to move this object”…then you’re probably not going to get very decent results. Your intention would be weak and you wouldn’t really care if it worked for you or didn’t.

It’s like if you were starting a fire with 2 sticks. Your intention is to start the fire, because if you don’t…it’s going to be one cold night.

Now if you have matches and lighter fluid with you, then you’re not as interested in using 2 sticks to start the fire. And if you were to try lighting the fire with 2 sticks, while you might be successful, you would probably be thinking the entire time “We’ve got matches and lighter fluid, why are we doing things the most difficult way possible?”.

Your intention wouldn’t be there, and your thoughts would be dispersed instead of focused on your intention.

So here’s an exercise for you

As you now know, focusing on your intention (that single thought) is what will create the vibration that moves things in that direction.

So now go in a quite room where you won’t be disturbed, and make it your intention to get someone to call you on the phone.

Think about them and imagine them calling you, get the picture extremely clear in your mind, and your intention clear about what you want them to do. Also hold your intention of when you want this to happen, is it immediately, or in a couple days.

If you’re not precise of when you’re intending this to happen.. .then it could be next year.

Realize too that you’re using your mind to move another person into an action, so another thing for you to do is imagine yourself as them, seeing the world through their eyes and thinking as they would think.

Then as you’re imagining yourself as them, see yourself picking up the phone and calling you. Feel the reason why they want to call you and see what happens.

Remember, you’re moving someone else to do something (call you). So #1 you must have constant intention of what you want them to do, and #2 understand that if they don’t call you immediately.. .it doesn’t’ mean you’re doing anything wrong.. .they might be in the middle of something important, or they got the feeling and just dismissed it.

The interesting thing is that if they don’t call you immediately ask them the next time you talk with them if they had any thought to call you or if they got the feeling you were thinking about them. You’ll be amazed how many times you’re right.

Understand that the person you’re moving with your mind also has distractions happening around them at any given time. So the stronger your thought vibration is, the stronger the message they’re likely to receive.

Notice too that your mind’s frequency plays a large part. It’s like a radio dial, the radio waves are all around us.. .yet you can’t hear it can you. The reason being because your ears aren’t able to tune into the frequency.

When you’ve got a radio tuned into the specific frequency, then you can hear what’s going on.

Another exercise for you is the next time the phone rings, see if you can use your intuition to guess who’s on the phone before you pick it up. (No cheating and looking at the caller ID)

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