How to develop your concentration

How to develop your concentration

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Something like telekinesis takes focus and concentration, and the people that generally have a “Want it BIG and want it NOW” mentality are too busy consciously thinking about something else to focus on what they should.

You’ve got thousands of messages racing through your head at all times during the day. All these messages are creating impulses and vibrations. So imagine all these different vibrations being scattered everywhere and nothing really focused on anything. It’s the difference between a laser beam and a normal light bulb where light is dispersed everywhere.

This “dispersion” of thought weakens any power it might have.

Dispersion in case you don’t know is when something that would be focused begins scattering and dispersing making it weaker and weaker the further out it goes.

If you allow little things around you to distract you, your thoughts will begin to disperse and you won’t be anywhere near as effective as you could be.

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Think about it this way, doesn’t it take more concentration and focus to work a crossword puzzle or remember a phone number than it does to watch TV.

Some tasks require less concentration and focus to do than others. The smaller things don’t require as much focus as larger more complicated things.

So if you’re focusing on a difficult task like remembering 64 consecutive numbers with the same intensity that you’re focusing on watching TV, you’re probably not going to be as effective as you could be. Because you’re attention when watching TV is dispersed.

This dispersion principle is why a laser beam can cut through objects where a light bulb can’t. A laser is simply light, but it’s focused and concentrated light. As you begin to learn to focus your mind more, you mind will become more direct and focused.

So here’s an exercise for you to start practicing with.

Take a deep breath in. And get a single image in your mind. Once you have that image in your mind, see how long you can hold it there without being distracted.

This can be frustrating when you’re first learning to do it because you’ve got different thoughts occurring like “Was I supposed to call this person” or “I’m thinking about my dog” or “Is this working…” “What if this doesn’t work…”.

All of these different thoughts are distractions. Concentrate and hold that one single image in your mind for as long as you can.

Remember to keep breathing. If you want you can focus on your breathing as well.

Take a look again at your life and how different distractions move your focus away from what you want to accomplish.

How successful would a basketball player taking a free throw shot at the foul line be if he or she allowed the people in the stands yelling “Miss It, Miss It” to be in their head and distract them from what they were doing.

Think about it and look at how quick this happens.

  1. They hear the words “Miss It”
  2. That flashing thought enters their mind and they see themselves missing the shot
  3. They take the shot and miss thus fulfilling the negative idea.

That basketball player must focus like a laser beam for those few moments. Tuning everything else around him out and just focusing on the success of that one thought in his mind at that time.

The same is true for telekinesis. Whether you’re learning or have been doing it for a while, when you let outside distractions into your mind, it will disperse your focus on energy.

Your mind will be going in different directions and how well will you be able to hold that thought of exactly what you want to happen (move an object) if you’re distracted by a ringing phone, someone telling you that you can’t do it, or your own thoughts.

And how has this principle also kept you from living the dream life you’ve always wanted to live? What goals have you not been able to achieve in your life because you allowed someone or something to distract you and your focus?

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