How to boost Vitality level?

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How to boost Vitality level?

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It is very important to keep your Vitality level high. We can get lost in the everyday rush and forget that our health comes first. If you are tired, exhausted and overwhelmed, your immune system can get weak, and you can easily become sick. But what are the options for increasing vitality? If your life energy level is low, you can try the following tips:

Drink enough water!

Drinking large amounts of water is one of the basic things you can do for your health. A daily intake of 2-3 litres of liquid is required. It is ok to drink some glasses of tea or fruit juice as well, but the most of it should be purified drinking water. In summer it prevents you against dehydration, but it is necessary all year long. If you drink enough water, you will be less able to lose energy and less able to get sick. In addition, water also helps metabolism.

See How to Measure your Vitality with a simple device.

Sleep & relax!

It is well known that sleeping is an essential part of life. People with sleep disorders can use these tips to get a better sleep:

  • Turn off your phone, computer and TV 2-3 hours before sleeping (Save your eyes from blue light exposure, ignore the incoming calls and useless information)
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Don’t eat late in the evening (The best is if you avoid eating from 6 pm.)
  • Relax and calm your mind (Meditation and yoga can help)
  • Get a high-quality bedding (Your mattress and pillow can greatly affect sleep quality)
  • Set your bedroom temperature (20°C (=70°F) seems to be a comfortable temperature for most people)
  • Get into a regular sleep/wake cycle (Try to go to bed & wake up at similar times every day, it may seem difficult, but after a while it will be natural)

Eat healthy!

Your body will be pleased to receive the right amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Of course, it is best to take them naturally: a well-balanced diet will provide you with the nutrients you need. If you can’t afford a proper diet, you can buy vitamins and supplements at pharmacies and drug stores too. It is worth choosing those types that contains high quality, natural ingredients and is easily absorbed.


Exercise often!

Although it may seem difficult to start daily exercising: once you start, you will get used to it very quickly. The tasks that are difficult at first time will become more enjoyable later, and after a while you will even miss it when you skip a day. If you are not yet into sports, we strongly recommend yoga. In addition to shaping and training your body, it will also have a positive effect on your soul and mind.

Measure your Vitality level!

Sometimes you feel very well and sometimes you feel terrible. You may feel that you know exactly how high your vitality level is. But be careful, sometimes you can’t recognize when your Life Energy level gets low. It is important to get external feedback as well. There are some devices which can help to measure your Vitality level. The measured value is called VQ (vitality quotient). This value shows how our actual bioenergy or vitality level is in comparison with the average. Vitality quotient can be measured objectively, and differences can vary greatly. Many factors can influence the VQ level, but if you apply these tips and take care of yourself – your Vitality will definitely increase!

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