Guru of my mind

Woman with a ring of cosmic energy between her closed eyes

Guru of my mind

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Taking a thorough look at the changes our lives has been going through in the past ten years it is obvious that technological innovations and social media accelerated not only the flow of information but our minds as well. Everyone is on the rush, that keeps stress levels extremely high. While constantly chasing something we just tend to forget what we are here for and what is the main purpose of our existence.

Honestly we are all thriving for peace, good health, harmony and a life that is happy at any given time and situation we are in. To achieve this state we need to slow down and understand what are the strenghts and deficiencies in our lives. Besides basic understanding and overall knowledge, there is another vital element in this wonderful life-elevating process, that we can use: cosmic energy.

Cosmic energy exists everywhere and as a life force it is essential to expand our consciousness and maintaining all activities of our mind and body. We can receive cosmic energy through deep sleep and in a meditative state of mind, in total silence.

Whenever the cosmic energy level is below the necessary minimum, we feel tired and lack motivation, leading to physical and mental illnesses. So we can state, that a certain level of cosmic energy is essential to expand our consciousness, obtain knowledge and after all, lead a healthy and happy life.

In order to obtain as much cosmic energy as possible, it is essential to practice meditation to enhance the power of the body and mind. The energy level of a person may seem like something impossible to measure with any kind of tools or medical devices, it is definitely possible and visibly projectable.  Being aware of this information and seeing at which level we are on, could be eye-opening and fascinating.

Meditation is like a journey towards a knowledge at a deeper level of understanding. Seeing measurable level shifts in energy before and after meditation may sound impossible, but there is a scientifically proven way available.

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Now that the neccessity of meditation is hopefully obvoius, let us clarify the „how-to” practice of meditation and progress in our journey towards a fulfilled life.

For beginners it is preferable to wear comfortable clothing and finding a place and time when one can remain uninterrupted. The posture shall be comfortable and stable, either on the floor or on a chair. Legs and fingers being crossed provide a bigger circulation of energy, meanwhile the eyes shall be closed and one should remain in absolute silence.

Guru of my mind

Guru of my mind

When starting a meditation our mind keeps trafficing thoughts and feelings and we can observe them and note that many questions may arise. To transcend the mind and intellect, the most important thing to do is the observation of our breath. This does not mean conscious breathing, just the observation of the normal breathing. The thoughts and questions will make our mind wander but one shall go back to breath observation at every occassion.

Through practice, the density of thoughts become thinner and a no-thought state can be achieved. Achieving and remaining in this meditative state is the purpose of meditation, hence we can gain cosmic energy to refill our stores and cleanse all batches causing various mental and physical illnesses. The root cause of diseases is the lack of energy in our body. Thus, when cleansing happens we may feel either an itching sensation or pain that will vanish through further meditation. Meditation enhances towards our real self, our peace of mind and soul and also the happiness of the family.

Meditation can be practised anywhere and at any time, but preferably at the same time of the day to make it habitual. Usually after waking up or before going to bed are the most common times for meditation but it can really be practised at any time of the day and by anyone. In fact, everyone should practice meditation, even children.

In one sitting meditation should be done  for a time equal to one’s age. In order to meditate, you don’t have to go anywhere, see any gurus, ask for any help. Your own breath is your own guru. By applying meditation to our daily habits, a better sense of knowledge can be achieved and knowing ourselves better is the key to living a happier life.

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