Find your new captions during Covid 19 pandemic

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Find your new captions during Covid 19 pandemic

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Although the first wave of the Covid-19 had seemed to be over, the quarantine and several restrictions have been reinforced. Unfortunately we all need to adjust to the situation again and accept that this year is definitely not going to go as planned but you can still figure out a desirable outcome.

The excact numbers of those infected are unclear and the best way to prevent your health is to follow the rules of social distancing, wearing masks and maintaining a higher level a personal hygenie paying special attention to sanitized hands and making sure you do not touch your face etc. We are all familiar with these rules and we are doing our best to keep ourselves as safe as possible. At the same time news about schools still not opening in September, people losing their jobs and safe surroundings are disturing. Uncertainty is an uncomfortable situation that the human mind is created to  seek a path out from. You can either dive in self pity or choose to embrace uncertainty.

Embrace uncertainty

You need to understand that even feeling lost and uncertain is part of your path so it is possible to see, analyze and accept all things that this doubtful situation is showing you. When you accept your emotions and the fact you are forced out of your comfort zone, infinite possibilities open up in life.

There is a high chance that uncertainty will make you take steps or maybe start living to reach your dream life because you are actuated to take actions you have never even daed to think about taking.

Be mindful as much as possible

First you need to trust the path you are on, in order to do so, the most effective method is being mindful. Make an effort to be mindful in your eating, walking, running, doing chores, working, spending time with family, friends, pets.

The mind is an extremely powerful assett and when left untrained it can become powerless in face of self-pity and temptations such as eating an entire pizza, overspending and accumulating debt or entering a recurring circle of toxic relationships or unsatisfying jobs. The root cause behind all these self-sabotaging behaviours is the same: mindlessness.

On contrary, mindfulness is at its core deliberatingly paying attention and being present in the moment with a non-judgemental attitude. Focusing on a single task, paying attention to nature and all the things surrounding you, or noticing your own breathing and sensations are all little glances of mindfulness you can practise every day.

The benefits of mindfulness include imroved tolerance of pain and stress, reduced anxiety levels and better sense of overall well-being, because it can strenghten the neutral connections in the brain related to emotional control and logic and weaken those related to fear-driven and emotional impulses.

You can do anything in a mindful state of mind, just calmly pay attention and accept things as they are, without any intention of changing or judging them. When you are at the side of a busy road you can observe the traffic and still not have any effect on it. Visualize that the busy road is symbolizing your thoughts, and you are there in observator mode. This will help you manifest your feelings and accept the hardships of uncertainty and then have more control over your emotions. This can be a life changer.

You can measure the energy levels changing when practising mindfullness: stress levels will lower and energy levels will elevate.

Meditation and self-reflection

You may find mindfulness difficult to perform at first but if you have a chance to practise a few minutes of mindul eating or walking daily, you can always take up the notch and lenghten mindful activities day-by-day and you can reach a state of mind where uncertainty is not having so much negative effect on you anymore.

Meditation is another way to calm your mind. You can either choose to do a mindfulness meditaion or listen to a guided meditation. A great practice is to imagine how you look and feel while spending a perfect day in your perfect life Visualizing your dream life will help you lower your stress levels and boost your energy levels to take steps towards the goal.

See How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation with a simple device.

Sitting or laying down and take a visualisation journey- or any meditation technique you prefer- can also measurably strenghten and ease the energy flow. The Egely Wheel always helps you visulaize your current state and energy levels. Self-reflection is essential in reaching the best possible outcome in any situation, even during a pandemic.

Remember that the best chapters in your life may not have their titles yet.  One of the positive things to come out of this big pause could be cultivating time for silence in life. Dedicating time in your day to be quiet and still and to be with yourself will not only help you understand your mind better but also quell the incessant chatter. By turning within, you will get to know yourself truly and find you why to motivate further actions.

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