Energy flow and healing with Reiki

Woman gives Reiki energy healing to a man

Energy flow and healing with Reiki

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Reiki is a natural method for healing the body, mind and spirit from all blocks, performed by Reiki practicioners worldwide. The universal energy surrounding us is available for everyone and can be utilized for nurturing our body on all leves of existance.

Spiritually guided life force energy for disease release

Reiki is a Japanese technique created by Mikao Usui about a hundred years ago. This healing method can be used for stress and anxiety reduction and it also promotes healing of all kinds: mind, body, spirit, emotions even the subconscious. Reiki is suitable for healing any kind of dis-ease in the body, mind or spirit.

The word itself is made up of two japanese words: REI meaning God’s wisdom or higher power, KI meaning Life force energy, REIKI is spritually guided life force energy.

Although Reiki is spritual in nature and said to be coming from God, it is not a religion, but rather a method for getting in touch with the experience of the divine energy.

On an ethical level Usui recommended to practice universally applicable simple ideals to promote peace and harmony. The five principles of reiki are guidelines that everyone can live by to promote present moment awareness. Saying these five short sentences out loud every morning or even throughout the day can help us focus on the present moment.

    1. Just for today I will not worry.
    2. Just for today I will not be angry.
    3. Just for today I will be grateful.
    4. Just for today I will do my work honestly.
    5. Just for today I will be kind to every living thing.

The purpose of living by these guidelines is continuously deciding to stay actively committed to improving to live a gracious life and have virtues worthy of life-long practice for their inherent value.

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When a disease or any kind of dis-ease is ruining our lives, using reiki provides healing within a much quicker timeframe as it is helping you heal from the inside out. The treatment feels like a glowing radiance that keeps flowing within you. Reiki energy treatment is for the whole person including body, mind, spirit and emotions providing the beneficial effects of overall well-being, relaxation. As simple as it is, Reiki is a safe and natural method of self-improvement and spiritual healing of basically every known illness or disease. The experience is often described as a light flow or an act of energy sweeping or an emotional realignment, always calming and grounding.

A reiki session

Reiki is best held at a peaceful setting, either sitting or preferable lying down, fully clothed. First close your eyes and take a few rounds of deep breaths. Imagine the crown of your head opening and a steam of healing white light flowing through your whole body. The Reiki practicioner is holding the space for you with the best intention so the session endures absolutely safe to feel what you need to feel and let go of what you need to let go of. The life force energy come through the practicioner channelling it by holding hands technique. Doing different hand placements either on different parts of the body or above them using the polarity to enhance the flowing of the energy through the body, spirit and mind. The way you feel during sessions vary, so either cooling or warming sensations, tingling, pulsating waves can be felt, even crying or laughing may happen, you might also have a vision or a mantra may come to your mind, while one can feel a certain energy moving around or in certain parts of the body, even in the chakras.

The duration of these sessions vary depending on how much time you have, it can be 20 mins to over an hour. The reiki practicioner places their hands over specific areas of the head, limbs and torso for about 2-5 minutes using different hand shapes. The hands can be placed over 20 different areas of the body. If there is a particular injury, the hands may just be held above the wound. When Mikao Usui was walking back to his village after a 21-day-long meditation experience he fell and used Reiki to heal the wound so he could keep walking. That was the „first official Reiki experience”.

Taking a Reiki attunement can be helpful if you want to heal or work on your energetic body, improve energy in your system, in your aura, clear your chakras, just feel healthier in so many ways. Reiki has been used to help treat conditions such as depression, chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue syndromes, neurodegenerative disorders.

Reiki knows no boundaries of time or space, that is why it is possible to receive distant sessions. The spiritually guided life force energy is all about intention setting. So the Reiki practicioner will evoke the Reiki symbol and set the intention on when you are meant to receive the session.

In the beginning you may not really feel anything happening even though the processes of healing already begun. Once the session is over, a sense of relief, calmness and relaxation is experienced. It is important to note that offering gratitude, cleansing oneself and closing the energy is necessary after completing the healing session. It can be as simple as stepping back, wiping hands of excess energy and placing them in prayer to thank yourself and the energy or crossing the arms in front of the body to signify the close of energies.

By deciding to heal from the inside out, clearing blocks and the subconscious, you get out of the anger, resentment, judgement and level up to live in a place of love, gratitude, peace, faith and trust.

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