Egely Wheel Experiments

Egely Wheel Experiments

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Author: adamskii

Date: Dec 23, 2010

“…Ok, to alot of people this may sound like a ridiculous question to ask, but it’s something I’ve got to know the answer to.  Before anyone answers the question, you will need to fully read my post to understand why I’m asking the question on here. A couple of years ago, by complete accident, I discovered I could perform telekinesis.  I found a Egely wheel on the internet (I later found out I could make my own), and I purchased it with the intent of using the wheel to learn to control the energy flow in my body into the palms of my hands.  The idea was that the better I got at directing the energy into my hands, the faster the wheel would turn.  For the first 10 minutes I started using the Egely wheel, I cupped my hand around the side of it as directed in the instructions that came with it, and then I focussed with the intent of moving the wheel faster, and then the wheel started to speed up.  But then a few minutes later, something totally unexpected happened… I had just finished my training session with the Egely wheel, and I left it on the table and I sat on the other side of the room, about 2 meters away from it.  I was eating some food, and was looking around at some objects in my room, and then I glanced at the wheel for around 2 seconds, and then it started moving.  At first I thought nothing of it, but then it happened again, and again, and again.  So at this point I discovered I could move the Eagely wheel at a distance just by looking at it. A few weeks later, I started reading alot of articles on the internet about telekinesis, and I heard that someone had done telekinesis via a webcam.  I thought this would be a cool thing to try out, so I created my own webcam server with the Eagely Wheel, and I connected to the video stream on my iPod Touch via WIFI.  I then went downstairs 3 rooms away from the wheel, and tried to move the wheel with telekinesis, and within just 2 seconds of looking at the image of the wheel on my iPod Touch, it started to move very quickly.  So from this point on I knew that telekinesis via a webcam was definately possible, and also that distance didn’t seem to matter when performing telekinesis.  Which makes perfect sense really, since all energy is connected anyway. Ok, so now here’s the part of the post where I explain why I’m asking the question “Are photographs dangerous?”… Since I’ve managed to perform telekinesis via a webcam, I was thinking about how it could work.  The problem is that I have never managed to move the Egely wheel with telekinesis when it’s enclosed in a transparent box, or covered up with a bowl, etc.  So it really surprises me that I can do it via a webcam, 3 rooms away with all doors and windows completely shut.  So I then got thinking about how it could be possible for me to do it, and then I came to the conclusion that the image on the iPod Touch “is the Egely Wheel, well, at least in spirit form, and since the image of the wheel is uncovered, I’m able to move it easily with telekinesis. Theoretically speaking, the images on the iPod Touch and the real physical wheel have to be connected to one another, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for me to move the wheel, 3 rooms away.  Plus, “TIME” doesn’t seem to prevent telekinesis from working, since there is a time delay with my iPod Touch receiving the images from the webcam on my laptop.  So I’m always looking at an image of the Egely Wheel from the past on my iPod Touch, and not an image of it in the current moment. So with this conclusion, this has now got me worried about photographs of people, especially images of people posted on the internet.  Since the image of a person would linked to the real person energetically, this would mean that anyone could be attacked remotely, if a person has the image of the person they are attacking.   One last thing, what would happen to the spirit of the person in the photograph, if the persons image is edited in photoshop, or if the printed version is torn up, burned, etc?  Would this cause some harm to the persons spirit on some level, since the image is linked to them energetically when the image gets destroyed, altered, etc?…”
See How to Practice Telekinesis with a simple device.

Author: Channing

Date: Jun 8, 2009 Hi everyone, I have these videos where I am showing an “Egely Wheel”, which is a basically as disc on a spindle (similar to a psi-wheel), turning while it is near my hand. It appears that there is no conventional explanation as to why it turns. One explanation might be that it is a new (by conventional physics) force called “chi” (also known as animal magnetism, aura, ether, biofield, torsion fields, etc.). The speed of it turning apparently also has something to do with the health and consciousness level of the person. There is even a version of the Egely Wheel which actually measures the speed of it turning.

I have also made more videos (see my channel) in which I rule out various conventional forces for it turning. For example, I am excluding the possibility of heated air rising from the hands by wearing gloves and a sweater here:

Also, I can make it switch directions when both hands are near it only by slightly curving one hand:

Here, I am putting a paper ring around the wheel while making turn. The paper ring should prevent most air turbulences coming the heat of my hands, yet it still turns just as much as without it:

I can make two wheels simultaneously turn in opposite directions, which clearly shows this is something caused by my hands and not random air drafts:

This is something you can confirm for yourself, btw, if you get your own Egely Wheel or make you own. It almost always turns. With practice you can make it turn faster.

Author: Dr. Laszlo, Domjan

Date: June 29, 1994

Title: Physician, M.D. (Qualified Trainer of Silva’s Mind Control)   Ihad the opportunity to try the vitality meter first in 1990. Gyuri, i. e. George Egely lent me one of the first versions of the device for a few days. It was exceptionally exciting to see how general fitness and the extent of the capability to concentrate influenced the velocity of the rotation of the wheel. This completely developed version of the device we have now is even more reliable and it has the great advantage of light and sound indicating the level of our vitality. There are three questions of special interest for me: I want to measure with this device how does our diet, especially fasting influence our vitality level; What is a healthy extent of doing excercises so that our vitality would be at its maximum; To what extent relaxation can increase it. I have already had the opportunity to measure the influence of relaxation in increasing the vitality level with this final version of the device, it was completely convincing. We did one of the most exciting experiments at the beginning of 1994. I even succeeded in suprising Gyuri and his wife, Magdi. There were about 1200 people trained with Silva’s Mind Control sitting in a big hall in Budapest. I placed the vitality meter on the stage in the middle of it and put a small radio microphone next to it. Then I stepped back about 5 meters from the device. I asked the audience to concentrate so that the wheel of the vitality meter would start to rotate clockwise. There became such a complete silence in the hall that even the buzz of a fly could have been heard. The wheel stood still first but then it started to rotate faster and faster and faster . . . until reaching the maximum revolution number on the scale. It was rotating like a reel proving superbly that this rotation is not a consequence of some thermal interactions but, indeed, the sign of the extent of something inside all of us that , if there is no better word for it, can be called “life energy”.

Author: Katalin, Hogye Date: June 2, 1994

Title: Ceramist

In 1987 I was a member of an art delegation in Moscow. Among all the strange and interesting excitements the most peculiar thing was healing by the laying on of the hand that one of my new acquaintances practised. He told me that I had the gift for doing the same and it was worth developing. I should go ahead and use it, it would be a shame to turn my back on it. I was shocked by all this. When I returned, my family and my friends did not take it seriously, nobody believed me because this subject was a taboo at that time, no such things could be heard or read about in Hungary in those days. Gradually I started to use my ability of transferring bioenergy, I started to do healings. To my great surprise in many cases I succeded in achieving a quick, definite recovery when I felt that it worked. But, when I did not feel anything, then, also, the “treatment” failed. My family and friends started to believe in me as more and more people experienced the success of this treatment. I met Dr. George Egely in 1988. I talked about my experiences at a party of friends. One of them knew about his “water-rotating” experiments. – This is how it all began! Dr. George Egely visited us and a special, interesting “work” began that cannot be compared to anything – it was playing and experimenting at the same time. My husband, Peter Rainer, an interior architect, and I enjoyed every minute of this and were happy to help Gyuri, whom we became friends with. His openness really impressed us as we unfortunately knew only “square-headed”, narrow-minded technical people before. He told us a lot about the research he was doing. As we reached high scores he asked us to help him in the experimental work. His aim was to grasp bioenergy by measurements. He already had the experience on the basis of his water-rotating experiments that art-minded people usually had very good results. This was the reason he asked us to assist him in his experiments aiming to develop the vitality meter. We were extremely pleased to help him in this enjoyable and exciting project. We had to test many materials and designs until this final version took shape. I believe this device here talks for itself! Our experience tells us that you can reach the best result if you are calm, relaxed and well-balanced. I’m a bit nervous if somebody is watching me, so it’s very difficult for me to initiate rotating if I’m not alone. But, after a few minutes, I relax and the wheel rushes. It was a very interesting experience to make measurements together with my husband. I believe our marriage is harmonious so we did not weaken but strengthen each other’s energy flow and all the wheels we put on the table were rotating simultaneously as we sat opposite from each other having both hands around the wheels. It was also a special experience to turn the wheel from under the table. We did this by hands, arms and legs but the funniest was trying it by the head. It’s a strange scene when I sat under the table in a cross-sitting position (the table is a beautiful, strong, pure wooden one with a thick surface manufactured by my husband), the wheel was in the middle of the table and it began to rotate when I wanted it, then it rotated faster and faster. I did not see it, my husband and Gyuri told me, it was almost unbelievable but it worked this way, too. Then I was holding the end of a few-meters-long copper wire, the other end of it was tightened around the device. Then, the stop-watch started and I tried it similar to when my hand was next to the wheel. It was a success! Within a few seconds, the copper wire lead this thing, that is called bioenergy, to the device and the wheel started to rotate. Generally, the performance of a person is characterised by the revolution number. But, for my husband the period of time till he maintained rotation without stopping was much more interesting. Experimenting with one of the first wheels he made himself from straw, of which the bearing was still quite imperfect, he started to measure this period of time. His best result was more than an hour of non-stop rotations, as if the wheel had moved by itself. At the end he moved his hand away because it became very numb in spite of the fact that he made a couple of relaxation in the meantime. Nowadays, healing by the laying-on-of-the-hand is excercised by many people. I can’t do it in successions. I didn’t give up my profession, I’m a ceramist. I have the experience, if I heal only a few people in a well-balanced state, then my results are not only good with them, but my energy level stays the same or even gets higher after the healing. Dear “Egely Wheel” Owner! I wish you all the happiness in using your device! Try it in many ways, in all different situations, positions, with your hands, legs and head to make the same discoveries as we did.

Author: Vilmos, Nargang Date: June 7, 1994

Title: Mechanical Engineer

George Egely showed me his device he made a few years ago. He said it could measure a person’s bioenergy level. At the start, I did not believe in it but I tried to make measurements myself. Although the phenomenon appeared clear, still I was very suspicious. After the first surprise, I tried to make some changes to make the device, that really worked, more precise. This phenomenon rose my interest step by step. For over a year, I have measured my vitality level trying a couple of additional components and even today I continue to control my state of being. At the beginning, my answer to the phenomenon was the construction of all kinds of heat flow and transfer theories. At the end, I slowly realised that I could not give any real answers to the function of the device in terms of today’s laws of physics. To exclude heat transmission from my body, I tested the device with gloves, later I covered my hand with cloths. Then, I put a box made of plastic over the device so that I could put only my lower arm into, in order to minimize air flow. But, it did not make any difference. The device still worked correctly. All these tests convinced me that the phenomenon was real. I continued the tests with additional parts made by George Egely, which I called the “antenna”. This made the measurements so sensitive that it could measure the energy level from a distance of about one meter. In other words, it made it possible to measure the thickness of the aura around the body. When I had a high fever my energy level fell to almost zero. I had higher results in the afternoon and in the evening than in the morning. This was the same as with my general state since I go to bed very late and I wake up very late, too. A small amount of alcohol effected my energy level favourably. Left and right hand often showed different levels which made us think that the different performances were due to our different brain hemispheres. Even the effects of eating could be measured. I had a shocking experience during the tests. I was completely caught up in the joy of the discovery. My feeling of success was magnified by the fact that I had an energy level over the average one, and this was appreciated in the company of others. My highest value was above 20 revolutions/minute. Seeing my enthusiasm, my friend George Egely asked me to develop and design the vitality meter and to prepare the documentation for mass production. Lots of energy and time was spent on the design, and many tests were carried out. But, I feel that this is of minor importance, because we managed to find a nice and practical form which made the device suitable to carry out measurements among a wide range of people. After so many trials and errors at last here it is, the machine you are holding in your hands today. With the help of this, you can make numerous interesting discoveries about your own life functions and lifestyle, that is, if you use it with patience and persistence. I do wish you a lot of success in this with all my heart.

Author: Mathe, Gasper Date: June 12, 1994

Title: Chess player, International Master, Programming Mathematician

I’ve known about the prototype of the vitality meter for nearly a year when I “by chance” got acquainted with George Egely personally in August, 1993. I was eager to have the first encounter with Gyuri’s vitality meter. I would have liked to produce an outstanding result, but the great will ended in a failure. My first test showed a weak result. I found out later that strain will makes results worse rather than higher. To be able to bring out the maximum in ourselves, we need to be relaxed to some extent. I already had some experience in this field, as I regularly practice mind control techniques. Using these methods I could really obtain good results. Later, I had the chance to test the version of the vitality meter intended to be mass produced. Touring the country for months, I had many experiences. Being with chess players many of which were grand masters, participants in the Olympic Games, and representative players,I had the opportunity to show them the device. It is interesting that they had spectacular results with their right hand but when they used their left one the results were far lower. The chess players who reached equally high results with both hands, seemed to me to be open-minded and well-balanced in other aspects of life, too. I usually measure my level before games and now I know in advance when I can play to win and when a draw is a good result. Our diet, breathing, and doing excercises also influences the results enormously. I think it’s important to choose a “good” spot when doing the test, because if the measuring person sits over a geopathogene zone then the result will be substantially worse than in other places. Pay attention to yourself! Keep a diary about your daily habits, diet and other body functions, about weather, etc. Keep an eye on the long-term effect of these. We are not all alike! It seems to me that open-minded, nice, loving, caring and helpful people can rotate the wheel at a higher speed. My advice to young girls is to increase their vitality and they will become much more beautiful. I consider it very important to do things step-by-step. Be reasonable! Don’t try to measure for more then 5-10 minutes a day. I can still recall my difficulties of climbing stairs after testing the device for two days almost non-stop. I do sincerely hope that this device will help people to achieve the most important thing, to get to know themselves better and to be able to change. “The clever one would like to change the world, while the wise man would like to change himself.”

Author: Istvan, Jakab Date: June 29, 1994

Title: Auapol Ltd, Director

February 1992, the Philippines, Bagio City, bright sunshine in the morning, a couple of thousand meters high above sea level, in an Asian provincial town. We’ve tested the vitality meter on healers and we obtained very interesting results. Cheaters did not even dare to measure their energy, but the ones who believed in it obtained extraordinary results. Here I had the chance as a man of average faculties to see what I can get out of the vitality meter. I was sitting on a small terrace, the device in front of me and Gyuri was waiting with a stop-watch in his hand. I put my hand around the wheel and waited to show some effect. I heard the noise of the children playing down on the road, the humming of a car and nothing happened with the device. Then I thought of my youngest daughter I left at home, who was two years old at that time, and I missed her a lot. I recalled her sweet smell, her silky little hands, her padded fingers, her smile, her mischievous eyes. Unbelievable! The wheel of the vitality meter started to rotate faster and faster. It was a very pleasant sensation, I let my energy flow out of my body. Now, I thought, if it works this well then let’s continue. I began to mumble one of my favourite tunes to myself that I bought on CD the day before. It might sound unbelievable but while humming this tune (I did not blow the air, dear sceptics) the wheel of the device rotated with the same speed – or even faster. I was already at the revolution numbers 12 or 13. The fact is that we had been traveling for two months already and I had quite a lot of rest the day before. But, in order to make the wheel move I had to concentrate on some positive thing that had to flow out of me. Let’s go on! Let’s think of a problem left behind at home. Somebody has acted unfair towards me, he offended me … I felt for a moment, that this man filled my inside with his malice and my own bioenergy decreased to a very low level. My anger towards him made me weak. Quickly, I put this thought out of my mind and the revolution number returned to the former value. At my maximum impulses I reached the revolution numbers 16-18, this could be the result of an average healer. That made me think. When I tested the device I always played this game in the form of question and answer. I could ask questions continuously from myself in a relaxed, neutral state and I read the answers from the speed of the wheel. We had been home for some time, when I headed for a business talk. It was very important for me. The day before I tried to imagine the negotiation with my partner in an alpha state, but I did not know how much I was armed with vitality, how persuasive I could be for the sake of my aim. I started reasoning with myself. When the arguments were good, the wheel began to twirl madly but for the bad ones, the revolution number decreased. By the time I was ready to go, I succeded in developing a very good strategy for my business talk. So, it was a great success. Also my partner remarked that I was in great form. That’s why we were able to come to an agreement the way I wanted to.

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