How to develop your mental abilities

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How to develop your mental abilities

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A major part of developing your abilities is simply opening your mind to the possibilities that surround you. Remember, if you believe something is impossible…then it will become impossible for YOU.

The first step is to open your mind, or at the very least…suspend your disbelief.

Imagine for a moment in your mind’s eye what it will be like as you learn to move objects with your mind. Actually imagine what it would feel like being able to move something with your mind and imagine yourself actually doing it.

You can make it as wild as you like because you’re just imagining right?

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You can see yourself bending spoons…lifting cars…cooking breakfast while you’re in the other room. Just let your imagination run wild for a moment. This will help you suspend any limiting beliefs you might have.

Actually see it happening before it happens.

Here’s a very important lesson

When you’re attempting anything.. .whether it’s telekinesis or anything else, you’ll have more success when you see it in your mind as already having happened.

So you see the object in your mind as already having moved or you see the person already saying yes to your request, or you see the car of your dreams already parked in your driveway.

This thought produces a vibration, and that vibration is going in the direction you want.

The other side of this is thinking and picturing things working differently not the way you want.

For example the though in your mind is of the object not moving and how frustrated you’ll be. When you hold this image, your mind produces a vibration that is moving in the opposite direction of what you want.

Your mind is looking for exactly what you’re thinking, so if the thought is to not move

the object, then it’s going to stay stationary and you’ll think.. .”It’s not moving.. .see I was right.. .this doesn’t work”.

So the key here is to see in your mind first the exact result you want. This Principle Of Mind Is…

Our Mind Moves In The Direction Of It’s Dominant Thought

What this means is that we find what we’re looking for and we get what we’re thinking about most.

If I tell you don’t think of a pink elephant, what’s the first thing you think of?

Right a pink elephant. Because you have to think about it in order to know what not to think about.

Even if that pink elephant flashed through your mind for only a fraction of a second, that’s all that was needed for you to think about it.

The same is true for telekinesis, or anything else in your life.

One simple flash of thought is all that’s needed to start an avalanche of follow up thoughts. So you want to make sure that the thoughts you’re holding in your mind are of what you want to happen, the positive results.

Think about where this applies to you in your life.

If you’re thinking about how something isn’t going to work, then that’s what your mind is going to look for and validate for you. Remember, what you believe is true for you.

So if you’re looking for how something isn’t going to work, or what’s going to stop you, then most likely you’ll end up finding that and it’ll stop you like a brick wall.

But on the other hand, if you’re holding the thought, the vibration of things happening in a different way, then your mind will find that reality and your life will excel in a positive direction.

Just by using this principle alone, you’re using your mind to change your life. Your creating movement in people and objects outside of your own body to give you what you want and what you’re looking for.

So keep those thoughts focused on exactly what you want, not the opposite.

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