Egely Wheel Experiments

Egely Wheel Experiments

A couple of years ago, by complete accident, I discovered I could perform telekinesis. I found a Egely wheel on the internet (I later found out I could make my own), and I purchased it with the int Fully...


The measured value is called VQ, vitality quotient. This is a comparison value which shows how our actual bioenergy, or vitality level is in comparison with the average. Unlike the intelligence quotie Fully...

International awards

# 24. Salon International des Inventions, 1996, Genf - Bronze Medal # 27. Salon International des Inventions,1999, Genf - Bronze Medal # INPEX 'XII International Invention Show, 1996, Pittsburgh Fully...

Použití a historie p ř ístroje na m ěř ení vitality

Použití a historie p ř ístroje na m ěř ení vitality Fully...

Short history of the energy of life

The life energy that we're measuring as vitality has been well known for a very long time in the history of civilization and it's very hard to find a place where life energy wasn't used for healing pu Fully...

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    Vitality indicator

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    With this device you can measure your vitality easily. Its usage is very simple, practical and it fits to your pocket so you can take it with you all the time. Two optional colour of this model are available: gold and black.

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